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New Year, New You, New Us

Serving South African Businesses within the UAE

New Year, New You, New Us

What are you going to do in 2018? New job, get married, travel, get healthy or become part of the ever growing base of South African’s in Emirates supporting each other socially and in business.

The following proposed voluntary positions are available for 2018:

* President
* Vice President
* Secretary General
* Treasury
* Marketing & Media Officer
* Legal Officer
* Business Development Manager
* Membership Manager
* Sponsorship Manager
* Finance Manager
* Web & Social Media Manager
* Communications Manager

If you are interested please send a short Applicant Bio to Andre Du Plessis at

If you have other great skills not mentioned above but you would like to belong to a super friendly and pro active committee send your details to the same address and Andre will contact you.

Nothing beats the power of South Africans when they get together!